2. Quick

  3. I want to be this guy when I grow up. :)

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  5. The boy

  6. thedailywhat:

    What The Kids Are Watching of the Day: Mixed-media outfit OK Go teach Sesame Street’s young viewers about primary colors in signature OK Go fashion.

    See Also: The OK Go Color game.


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  7. collegehumor:

    Wow, ungodly beasts really do make everything look cool.

    Hi. You busy?

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  8. agentmlovestacos:

    And if the elevator tries to bring you down, go crazy. Punch a higher floor.

    I can see you

  9. agentmlovestacos:



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  11. thedailywhat:

    That Awkward Moment When of the Day: John’s evening with his current girlfriend and his possessive ex goes as well as can be expected.


    Goes to very bad places.

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  12. joshuatopolsky:

    Watching this might ruin your life. Yet it’s so good. NSFW, amongst other things.

    Oh shit. Can never be unseen. NSFW.

  13. thedailywhat:

    Safety Last of the Day: Sure he’s being incredibly reckless and almost lost a few fingers as a result, but, on the bright side, now you don’t need that third cup of coffee. (May need a change of underwear, though.)



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  14. newyorker:

    Cartoon of the day. For more: http://nyr.kr/yVUOOM

    My house.

  15. collegehumor:

    I reckon these look ridiculous.

    Bitching treads, Boys.

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